Lessons with Jen

A good rideLocal Lessons

I am available to teach lessons locally at your farm or boarding barn with your horse. Initial lessons are two hours and include an evaluation of you and your horse, instruction for the human without their horse, and clicker work with your horse.
The fee for the initial two hour lesson is $125. Follow up sessions are seventy-five minutes and the fee is $55.
Pay by cash, check or credit card through PayPal.

On-line learning 

I am available as a coach through Alexandra Kurland’s new online course: Introduction to Clicker Training Horses.

If you are new to clicker training, I wholeheartedly recommend this course as a starting point. It will help you learn proper mechanics, develop your observational skills and teach you how to give your horse a solid foundation so they are easy to handle with good emotional control. With the course, you receive one free coaching session and can choose between fifteen coaches, myself included. You are free to purchase as many coaching sessions as you like, though, and may continue on with your coach once you have finished the program.

Video Lessons

If you are already familiar with clicker training but would like an outside eye to review your work,  guide you in the next step of your progression or troubleshoot training challenges, I am available for video lessons. You submit five to seven minutes of video along with key questions and concerns. I will review the video, make notes to e-mail to you and then either skype with you or chat on the phone to discuss notes and clarify where to go next. Skype/phone call is forty-five minutes. The fee for video lessons is $45. This can be a wonderful option for those of you who don’t have positive reinforcement horse trainers in your area.

Start-up Clinics

I am available for 2 day “start-up” clinics at your farm. These clinics are appropriate for anyone totally new to clicker training or people who have been working for awhile. Prerequisite is that horses who participate are comfortable in the environment and are relaxed enough to get on the trailer their last day to go home. Farms must have box stalls to work with protected contact if necessary and an indoor arena in case of inclement weather. Four to six horses are allowed and up to 15 participants, total. Auditors are limited so that everyone has a chance to fully participate. Two day clinics are $1500 plus travel expenses.

To set up a lesson with Jen: Call 414-943-3647 or e-mail jen@wildcanine.com

5 thoughts on “Lessons with Jen

  1. Jen, a friend of mine sent me your website address, and I just have to say how delighted I am to find it and you! I’ve been a pioneer in this field of “science, art, and magic” (as you so aptly put it) for a lifetime, and it thrills my heart to find a young person so eloquently expressing the same concepts. Where are you located?
    I love everything about your site, what you write in your blog (that’s as far as I’ve gotten), and the names of your horses! Thank you so much for spreading the word, and for being who you are.
    Blessings to you, Kim Walnes

  2. Hi Jen, I just left a post on your “About Jen” portion of the website but decided this is the place I should have left it. I’m in Northern CA….where are you located? I’m interested in chatting with you about how to proceed training my 14 year old mustangs. Have done a lot of clicker training and watched all of A. Kurland’s videos. I would like some personal coaching…. Thanks, Patrice

    • Hi Patrice,
      I am in Wisconsin, but I would be happy to help you with your mustangs. Mustangs and beautiful, healthy movement are my two great loves. If you would like we could set up a skype call or a video lesson for some remote coaching. I have lots of long distance students and it works surprisingly well!
      Why don’t you e-mail me at: jen@wildcanine.com and we can get something set up!

  3. Hi! I’m not sure how to get into contact with you about lessons, so thought I’d leave a comment here! I have an 8yo OTTB gelding who I bought in August of 2021, I started incorporating +R immediately after purchasing him. He’s been a very nippy horse since I met him in 2020, I’ve been working consistently with a vet and PEMF therapist to rule out pain, he refuses to be groomed and very selective about touch. He enjoys targeting and loves the clicker, but I’m in desperate need of professional help… please contact me at your earliest convenience!

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