Alexandra Kurland is the pioneer of horse clicker training and the best teacher  to get you started. Her foundation work forms the basis of all my horses’ educations and the level of detail and complexity she brings to understanding positive reinforcement as a training tool is unparalleled.  You can join her online class to acquire your basic skills or go to her website to purchase books or DVDs, here:

Mark Russell was a consummate artist, a magician and a sage. He is no longer with us but his work is still something I pursue daily with my horses. Mark is still available to learn from through his book “Lessons in Lightness” which should be back in print soon and his DVD’s, Lessons in Lightness: Building the Horse’s Foundation in Hand and Riding with Chi. You can find those here:

Jillian Kreinbring is a biomechanics expert who completed her masters thesis on equine movement and muscle development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jillian gives two and three day lectures on equine biomechanics so people can better understand healthy movement and educate their eye. I highly recommend learning from Jillian whenever possible. Find her clinic and lecture schedule here:

Clicker Expo is a unique three day conference that brings together professional animal trainers from all over the world to one location for an event like no other. Starting last year, 2016, horses were included on the all positive reinforcement curriculum. This year, join us in Portland, Oregon to discuss the finer points of +R with equines and see myself, Alexandra Kurland, Peggy Hogan and Natalie Zielinski present on new and exciting subjects in the positive paradigm. See the curriculum and sign up here:

An article that explains a scientific study looking at how learning differs in horses trained with positive reinforcement:

2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Jen: hello…I am interested in your training. I would like to adopt a Mustang……I currently lease a qtr. horse. My stable owner was on board with me bringing a Mustang ( that would need much training) and then she changed her mind. I am fully commited; to eventually having my own. I just love this type of horse; their look; their plight; everything. I found you through the listing; many facebook horse people gave me. a Mentor programI need to find boarding and training. I am not rich….but am very respectful of what this may entail. I live in western Waukesha county. Thank You – Barb Dillon

    • Hi Barb,
      I would be happy to help you on your journey toward your own mustang! It can be difficult to find a boarding facility to keep an untamed horse and you do want to make sure everyone understands the rules so no one gets hurt and your horse isn’t compromised by a naive handler. Feel free to send me an e-mail ( if you want to talk further!

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