Alexandra Kurland

Last month Alexandra Kurland came to our barn and gave a three day “advanced clicker clinic” for us and our horses. The wealth of knowledge she presented and her humbleness despite being brilliant at taking apart (splitting) traditional horse training and re-packaging it in new, clicker centered exercises made it easily the best clinic I have ever attended. It is an unusual skill to be able to look at something ancient with new eyes, while still respecting the inherently valuable pieces.  I am thinking of how old the art of horsemanship is, so old that they way horses are used and trained can feel fixed and immutable. To be able to look at that with new eyes, to split it apart into it’s component pieces using new technology and a modern respect for horses as sentient beings, is nothing short of genius. And a life’s work. I am grateful to have the chance to learn from such a talented trainer. To schedule a clinic with her or buy her books and videos, go to:


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