Day seven: buckle day

Today was day seven of mine and Tarot’s self haltering training. Today we achieved buckling the halter – success! Tarot has the rough components of self haltering now.  I realized I still need work on smoothly and uniformly tossing the crown piece over his head to make the process less tedious. I had originally made the noseband as large as possible to make it an easy target, so that needs to be made smaller as well. And I want to capture a bit better “freeze” once the crown piece is over his head.

But, we have a new, lovely behavior and get to move forward into some foundation lessons while refining this one.

4 thoughts on “Day seven: buckle day

  1. too cool. I love clear communication.
    So when do you think you will get a program together to start sharing your knowledge of training, or say write a book or make a DVD so people can see other choices for training? 🙂

  2. Thanks, Heather:) The program, books and DVD’s already exist on I am a product of Alexandra Kurland. I am nowhere near ready to write, although I would be more than happy to teach people beginning their process of clicker training;) Give me at least 5 more years of serious training… But I know what you’re getting at!

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