A new venture!

Aesop Patreon

Aesop and I both practicing being spellbound. Magic works both ways.

When I started writing Spellbound years ago, it was more of a way to hold myself accountable to regular work and to have an online journal available to me of my horses’ training. But, somewhere along the way it grew into something far larger and more universal. Now, Spellbound is a place where I share positive reinforcement concepts, training progressions and mechanical skills with a community of progressive horse people. I deeply enjoy putting together material; I learn a lot through it and I’m delighted when I learn something I’ve written has helped others find their way with their own horse. I want to spend more time creating material, but to do that, I need to find a way to be paid.
Luckily, there’s an amazing site called Patreon that allows people who are creating content to be paid monthly by their supporters. It’s a fairly new concept, but it works off of the old model of a patron who supported an artist. Except, rather than only one very rich patron, Patreon works off of many regular people pledging small amounts that add up to really substantial support. I’ve created a page for myself  and I’m hoping you will join me on my journey by pledging! I’ve set some serious goals for myself and for what I want to create.
In addition to monthly blogs, I will be rolling out monthly “Try this at home” videos that offer direct instruction to readers who would like to teach behaviors and concepts to their horses at home. These videos will pull directly from my blogs so that you can work on exercises that lay the foundation for or are the same as what I am working on here.
Long term, I am at work on a deep, foundation-level horse course. The course will combine essential skills with a deeper look into emotional thresholds and basic biomechanics. Positive reinforcement, understanding horse behavior and teaching correct biomechanics are the golden ring of a happy AND sound horse and I want to put them together for you, the way I wish they had been for me. Becoming a patron supports me on this quest!
I am so excited to be at this new and deeply creative stage in my life. With everyone’s support, I will be able to pursue this work long-term, moving toward longer and more enduring forms as well as diving more thoroughly into Spellbound itself. Thank you for being a reader and I hope to see you on my Patreon page!



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